The first Sonic game to be compatible with Tesla cars soon

DBecause a car is a car, this is always purchasing power symbol. A luxury, regardless of the model. Then they became a bit more accessible and the commonality of owning this car made it a less luxurious property, what to do about it? Create a more exclusive model. Like Tesla. And what’s more exclusive than Tesla? A Tesla … where you can play Sonic.

The state-of-the-art clean energy company best known for its give money to elon musk that for all the innovations that have progressed year after year (someone has to pay for those embarrassing tweets) recently reported that they were almost done adaptation of SEGA’s flagship title to in-car gaming services.

Ah yes, this is something long before Sonic. As many of our sharp tuna colleagues in the newsroom don’t know, Teslas are not only eco-friendly, they have adjustable headlights, speed limit settings and autopilot: they also have an integrated gaming system. in the vehicle which is played through its screen using USB control.

Sonic may be the newest addition to the service, but he’s by no means the first… he might not even be the best. In addition to popular domain games such as chess, backgammon and solitaire, the car is also compatible with Cuphead, Stardew Valley, Fallout Shelter or The Witcher 3. Musk has even suggested that it is compatible with Cyberpunk 2077, but no one wants to test it for “crash“.

Clear that This system is designed for you to play dead moments when you have to wait in the car, or to entertain the family during traffic jams but… there are all kinds of people of course. So much so that since November this year, Debate has started in the UK over the initiative to make driving games illegal.

Although, however, this will not apply to those who play on their Tesla … because The law doesn’t apply to the rich. Well, lie, that’s because law intended to play games on mobile devices, so unless they don’t make it more common, there’s a huge legal loophole there.

But hey, imagine owning a Tesla and what Here’s the Sonic news that excites you this week…it doesn’t have the charm that ultra-tech cars don’t have and Get excited about Sonic 2 Triler, yes? Let’s watch it one more time while eating our tuna.

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