The story behind the mysterious death of Rui Torres, from Art Attack

One morning in the first decade of the new millennium, many babies in Latin America were dumbfounded after the man who brightened their morning by reminding them that “you don’t have to be an expert to be a great artist” didn’t appear on their television.

Who is used to starting the day with a program ‘Art Attack’, from the ‘Disney Channel’, can attest to the amazement generated by not looking Rui Torres, the Mexican presenter who is the main face of the adapted version of the unique program made in England.

Rutilio Torres Mantecón, as the charismatic ‘master of the show’ is called, recorded during 2000 and 2002 first two seasons from the show. However, the episodes repeated for nearly two decades in most countries in the region.

Therefore, the news of his death in 2008 will have an impact on at least two litters of young adults who today continue to wonder in wonder: ‘What happened to him?’

‘boy genius’ sparkle

Rui Torres was born on December 30, 1976 in Mexico City.

From what some local media can verify, from a very young age he had outstanding academic achievement.

Rutilio is the host of more than 40 episodes of that impressive show. Photo: Disney Channel

In fact, when he entered university, Torres stood out as one of the top-performing applicants on the entrance exam to the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Even so, along with his formal education, the young man of European descent let his art flow and took various acting courses.

The opportunity to show that she can dazzle on the small screen came to the age of 23 when she received a call from Disney became the protagonist of the Latin American version of ‘Art Attack’.

Accompany the unforgettable ‘Stubborn’, a chattering stone statue that was part of the program, lasted until 2002, when he chose to continue his academic coursework.

Since then, his life has returned to the private realm, but the legacy television has given him continues to mark his days.

That is why news of his death in February 2008 received international attention.

Death without public information

There was a lot of speculation about Rui Torres’ death.

Several specialized entertainment media reported at the time that the iconic presenter’s life changed again after her two-year-old daughter died. disease product at the beginning of 2008.

From there, it is said, the 31-year-old man began to experience serious emotional distress.

However, without further details, Mexico’s Autonomous Institute of Technology, where Torres developed the second phase of his university life, was responsible for providing notice of his death on February 24, 2008.

“The ITAM community extends its deepest condolences to the Torres Mantecón family for the death of Rutilio, brother of teacher Maricruz Torres, which occurred on February 24. He will always be fondly remembered by his family and friends,” the message read.

Until now, the cause of death is not known to the public.

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