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With the new merger, digital media – which will turn 17 next September – is consolidating its commitment to transverse information, without forgetting its beginnings and, therefore, its essence: GN Group referential titles continue to stick to local information, with the aim of providing a loudspeaker for facts and news that is often not enjoyed by large media loudspeakers or sources of dissemination. However, this local perspective shares advantages with other, more general information related to the current situation in Catalonia and Spain, as well as with other more specific spaces, such as the daily collection of ephemeris in the region or the weather forecast for the area, among others. other content.

A consolidated medium

Growth from GironaNotí it is justified, among other things, through data optimization. In fact, this was determined by the SEO company Site CheckUp, from the United States, who underlined that digital Girona has risen over the years as one of the best-optimized information channels on the Internet in all of Catalonia: thus , the North American company gives 90 points out of 100 , a higher number than other local, national and even international media.

In addition, the evolution has also been clarified through the user profile. In this regard, and although the majority of readers continued to be Catalan, over time a significant presence of Spanish and even foreign readers also became apparent. Among other things, this context is due to the specialization of electronic newspapers as companies that create sponsored posts, web positioning tools that work with great detail and care with the aim of promoting the products or services of the company or entity for which they are requesting. Currently there are clients from countries like Germany, France, Sweden or the UK.

The GN Group, led by Xavier Palomino, has GironaNotí as the parent header. Recently, the news conglomerate has released a new digital –, you– with which the existing electronic media has increased to 14. However, that number is expected to increase later.

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