“There are people who compromise their morals for the sake of power”

and stevens (Croydon, United Kingdom, 1982) has left his native England to move to California. Your role Downtown Monastery catapulted him to fame and now he finds himself living life Hollywood and entered fully into another American series, namely Watergate.

The Englishman is one of the main characters gaslitseries created by Robbie Pickering (Mr robot) and written by matt ross (CaptainFantastic). An offer he couldn’t refuse because he produced it and starred in it Julia RobertsBesides Sean Penn.

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“It was amazing to have them together in a scene. I had a scene with Julia and it was very interesting and exciting. I could have worked more intensely with Sean Penn and he is a very intense guy. It was quite an experience, a journey,” he said. “It was quite special, amazing, like a roller coaster”, he confessed Live Chronicle.

Steven plays John Dean a government official from Richard Nixon who was called to participate in America’s presidential re-election campaign and who was eventually doused by sluice. A character that he has worked deeply into. “I read many books, also yours, blind ambition (blind ambition), that very helpful to focus it from another angle. There’s also plenty of listening to him, as well as on-demand material from CNN. As much as possible to observe the man and take a few elements to incorporate it into my character.”


The series puts a comic twist on the characters and a new vision focused on Martha MitchellJohn’s wife, who is in charge of the entire network and who, although is ignoredwas the first to expose Nixon’s corruption.

Live Chronicle spoke to a British actor about what it was like to embark on this adventure and reflect on it how corrupt a person isin politics and in film.

–Question: Have you ever imagined being a Hollywood star?

–Answer: I don’t know, all the steps in my career are a bit surprising. Like wow, I’m here! According to me I wanted to be an actor from a very young age but I never dreamed of working in Hollywood, much less working with Julia Roberts.

–Is there much difference between working in the UK and in Hollywood?

I think there are more similarities than differences. That snack they are much better in America (he was kidding).

–How did you come to this project? gaslit?

–Matt Ross is coming, who will direct this wacky ‘Watergate case’ remake, with Sean Penn and Julia Roberts and that’s all I really need to hear (he’s kidding). but they gave me this interesting character and this very interesting historical point of view Therefore, people think they know more or less, but there are many surprises.

–Do you think anyone else can find anything new about the Watergate case with the series?

I’m almost sure. Above all, because of history Martha Mitchell, how invisible it is and how the Administration is working to silence it and control its narrative. This is very interesting. Also a story about John Dean I think it hasn’t been explored this deep, that is Frank Wills, the security guard who saw the incident clearly. In short, it’s of all characters that never gets noticed. After 50 years we observe them.

–Do you think you can make viewers remember how politics works or works?

–How it works, exactly! Some people think it’s a very American story but there is a lot in common with many governments around the world. There are many people who are attracted to power, who want to be close to power and the ethical and moral commitments they want to overcome to be there. it’s universal.

–But people think of Watergate and the campaign orchestrated by Gordon Liddy and one might think that it was a very aggressive policy, would you say that it was more or less than now?

–Political campaigns are always aggressive, maybe now we have a more open window to see what happens. I don’t know what we can do to get the politicians to stop. But the level of corruption is exactly the same and there is this kind of thing scandal in administration, whether they have been prosecuted or not.

–You said you don’t know how to change it, but can we change it?

–I hope.

–And even though we see them as corrupt and immoral, do you think everyone can fall into the temptation that John Dean did? Are they really bad people?

–I don’t know if those people are bad people, They try to do what they think is right at least what’s right for them and it’s not always true. But anyone, within the power strata, is capable of this type of corruption if they are persuaded.

–And in cinema there’s also corruption and people who can do anything to get promoted?

–Certain! There are overly ambitious people everywhere who will compromise their values ​​to get what they want. This is a sad reality.

Actor Dan Stevens / EFE

–Your character has that level of ambition, but how do you define your character? Because there is something funny, but there is also a moral conflict.

–I’m glad you said it, because it has some humor and absurdity in it, and the serious and dramatic circumstances and consequences it goes through. It’s a very interesting role and story to navigate.

–He’s also a bit clumsy with his relationship.

–Yes, one of the interesting things too is his relationship with his wife and how fundamental that is to his story and situation. It was also something he didn’t focus on.what a couple they formed, and disappeared from imagination and are still married, living in California and they themselves say that this moment is very important for their relationship and which we can see in the series.

–In fact, one of the most important parts of the series are the female characters in the story, especially Martha Mitchell. Do you think that not only history, but also fiction can help highlight relevant women of humanity who are barely talked about?

–Yes a lot. There are a lot of characters that are ignored, put away. From Martha Mitchell daughter, you don’t think of them when you talk about the ‘Watergate case’, but that has consequences, or Maureen Dean. It’s not a name you associate with cases directly but traditionally the story is told by men in a gray suit from Washington and some journalists from the city and not by feminists. This is a good estimate.

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