They confirmed that British ships carried nuclear weapons during the Falklands War

Notes signed by journalists Richard Norton Taylor on the Declassified UK website, he assured that the presence of nuclear material would cause a dispute between the Ministry of Defense and the UK Foreign Office, which asked to “disarm” it. But the Navy refused to do so.

“In case of tension or hostility between us and the Soviet Union at the same time as the Corporate Operations [el nombre en clave dado a la liberación de las Malvinas], the military capacity of our warships will be drastically reduced”, argues the Ministry of Defense.

Weapons were transferred from frigates and destroyers to the larger carriers, HMS Hermes and HMS Invincible, where weapons could be better protected. According to the declassified files, Hermes has 18 nuclear weapons on board and 12 Invincibles, while the Royal Fleet’s auxiliary ship Regent has one.

The Ministry of Defense admitted in 2003 that British ships carrying nuclear weapons and a weapons case had been damaged. But until now the number of these weapons has never been revealed. The number appears with documents sent to the National Archives in Kew, southwest London.

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