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His passion for cooking did not materialize forever. Colombian chef Jorge Rausch (1970), who did not like to wash dishes, had to learn to cook because he loved to eat and for convenience. While majoring in economics in Israel, he shared an apartment with two of his classmates, one of whom, Orit Feldman, who was his wife until 2002. They agreed that he would cook and they would wash the dishes. That was the trigger for Rausch to find his calling in the kitchen.

At that time he was 28 years old.. Then he left for England to start a new life and dedicate himself seriously to gastronomy. For this reason, he went to study at the Aunt Marie School of Cookery, in London, and worked at Belmond Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons, in Oxford, which is considered one of the finest restaurants in England.

In late 2003 he returned to Colombia and, together with his brothers Mark and Ilan, They started their first project together. In this way, they opened the restaurant Criterión in Zona G Bogotá, which they focused on achieving a gastronomic emporium.

In 2008, Rausch, who practices Judaism, presented his program brother in the kitchen; in 2009, Jorge Rausch Keyvia channel El Gourmet; and in 2011 he became a mentor at cook to the limit 1 and 2by very useful. In 2015 he started his participation as a judge MasterChef Colombia, MasterChef Junior and, since 2018, in three seasons Celebrity MasterChef Colombia.

Since 2019 he participated as a judge MasterChef Chile and Master Chef Ecuador. And in 2020 and 2021 he also participated as a judge for the first season Celebrity MasterChef Chile.

How much income?

In Ecuador, Rausch achieved fame with a game show MasterCheftransmitted Teleamazonas until the third season (fourth season has been confirmed). Since the first installment of Master Chef Ecuadorin 2019, many viewers see it every night together Irene Baquerizo and Carolina Sanchez (in the first season he was with Enrique Sempere and C. Sánchez), serving as a triplet judge who gave their judgment on the dishes the contestants had to prepare.

And just as every hobby chef gains popularity and people want to know more about them, professional chefs are also in the public spotlight. Remember that the entire third season of Master Chef Ecuador have 100 million views on social network channel Teleamazonas.

The jury is responsible for the qualifications of the participants. And for some, what the expert chefs say is invaluable, because in this way the contestants manage to advance each challenge all the way to the final, when the top three arrive to take the prize. $20,000 to first place (also cars and other prizes), $600 and $400 for second and third place, respectively.

Chef Jorge Rausch, who has earned both the affection and disapproval of some Ecuadorian viewers thanks to his evaluations, is a professional chef who has three Michelin stars. expert in Colombian gastronomy. And, despite his income as an owner and partner of several restaurants, It is also true that the income from the cooking show is quite large.

He had known how to take advantage of his fame, so much so that even— charge $50 for a greeting for yourself, for a family member or friend, with just a few hours of live response, via video.

This popularity has also been achieved thanks to the fact that it owns the restaurant Criterión, which is recognized as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world, according to Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants (2013-2016), and Colombia’s Best Restaurants (2013-2015); something he has achieved thanks to his efforts and dedication, earning his place in the world of global gastronomy and knowing how to make good choices as an entrepreneur.

To give you an idea, the salary Jorge Rausch receives in the program Celebrity MasterChef in Colombia, from RCN Televisi Television, is between 200 and 400 million Colombian pesos per season, according to the website ellaeonline. This is just over 52,000 and over 104,000 US dollars. The current minimum monthly salary for a Colombian is one million pesos (over 260 US dollars)..

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