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SPRING TRAVEL: Brexit will have no effect on those of you going to London when the lilies are in bloom this year.

On Friday 31 January, the UK leaves the European Union. This means Brexit for those of you who are going on vacation to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.


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Whether you’re planning London in the spring, Edinburgh in the fall, or stressing out on a canal boat holiday through the beautiful English countryside in the summer, it doesn’t matter to you that the UK is now outside the EU.


According to Visit Britain, nothing will change for the roughly 670,000 Norwegians who traveled to the UK this year. But there may be changes starting in 2021.

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Until further notice, planes, ferries, buses and trains will continue to operate as usual, and the documents required by tourists from EU and EEA countries to cross borders will not change until 2021 at the earliest.

– What happens after 31 December 2020 depends on negotiations between the EU and the UK, says Henriette Danielsen, communications manager for Norway at Visit Britain.

The following rules will apply throughout 2020:

Graduated: With a Norwegian passport, you can travel visa-free to 185 countries around the world. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will continue to be among them. The United Kingdom will not introduce visas for tourists from EU or EEA countries in 2020. If you have a biometric passport and are over 18, you can use electronic passport control. However, the visa rules for the UK are something that could be changed in 2021.

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Mobile phone: When you turn off flight mode after landing at a UK airport, you will still receive a message stating that calls, text messages and mobile data costs the same as at home. The prerequisite is that you have a SIM card issued by a company in Norway or another EU/EEA country.

PHONE: Cell phone charges will be the same as before

European health insurance card: When you vacation in an EU or EEA country, you are entitled to the same public health care as the citizens of that country themselves, and you must pay the same deduction as them. To show that you are entitled to this service, you must include it European health insurance card.

The card will remain valid in the UK in 2020, but there may be new rules in 2021. Read more information from UK health authorities he

Drive: Your Norwegian driver’s license will remain valid. You do not need an International Driving Permit (IDP).

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Traveling with pets: In the UK, there are many dog-friendly hotels. We previously wrote about the Norwegian dog Luna who was on a car holiday in England and Scotland with her owner. You can still bring your dog or other four-legged family member in accordance with the same rules that apply in the EEA/EEA. This means you must have your own pet passport, which is issued by a veterinarian.

PASSPORT: Dogs can still go on holiday in the UK, with their own passport.

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