Two killed in Otta – A tragic incident

– It is confirmed that two people have been found dead in a housing complex in Otta. The assailant called emergency services himself about the situation, and was undramatically arrested nearby, police confirmed on Monday.

Operations manager Kristian Bjaanes in the Innlandet police district told Dagbladet at 7.30pm that they would not comment on anything further than what they had written on Twitter.

– Tragic

The deputy mayor of Pål Ellingsbø said he was informed of the incident through the crisis team.

– This is of course a tragic event. A crisis team has now been formed in the municipality of Sel. Beyond that, there’s an ongoing investigation so I don’t want to comment further on that.

Deputy mayor of Pål Ellingsb. Photo: Sel Village.
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City director Solveig Nymoen told Dagbladet that he did not wish to comment on the case.

– This is a police matter, and as municipal leaders, we do not comment on police matters under investigation. We have a city crisis team mobilizing.

– My client is not doing well now, defense attorney Anders Bjørnsen told Dagbladet.

The perpetrator is said to be a man in his 40s, sources told Dagbladet.

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