UK wants Rwandan refugee center

The UK government and Home Secretary Priti Patel are expected to present the plans on Thursday, the British Press Association (PA) news agency said.

Patel will visit the East African nation on Tuesday, and it is hoped the deal will be formally signed by then. Thus, people applying to the UK will be flown about 700 miles, if they go there illegally.

Rwanda will receive 120 million pounds, the equivalent of just under 1.4 billion kroner, for the scheme on trial. Refugee organizations criticized it as “naughty and disgusting”, saying it would not address the underlying problem and that it would “cause more human suffering and chaos”, while potentially costing a fortune.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure for violating his own coroner’s restrictions and is expected to state in a speech on Thursday that action is needed to combat “disgusting people smugglers” who are turning the seas into graveyards.

Asylum seekers will be encouraged to stay in Rwanda rather than applying to the UK, the news agency further said.

A record 28,000 migrants crossed the English Channel from France to Britain in small boats last year, according to the PA census. Many drowned on the way.

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