Canada’s rocky east coast inspired a British video game developer to create an RPG about hunting

San Juan, note:

The rugged landscape of Canada’s east coast and the resilience of its people have a long history of inspiring artists, and now, that includes new video game makers in the UK.

Moonglow Bay is an RPG, or RPG, set in a fictional town along the East Coast in the 1980s, where you play a novice fisherman who turns your partner’s dreams into reality after they lose in hot weather.

“Your character is in a rut, trying to figure out what’s going on,” says Zach Soares, co-founder of game developer Bunnyhug. “Her daughter came back from school in Quebec and said ‘Hey, you have to get out of this situation, let me motivate you. «

But the story is also about the city itself, helping to heal what had become a ravaged community on the verge of bankruptcy.

“Since his partner disappeared, everyone in the fishing village is afraid of hunting, so the village is not in good shape,” said Bunnyhug co-founder Lu Nascimento. “You get to know everyone in town, get their help, and bring the town back to life.”

Regarding the game’s appearance, Nascimento said the biggest inspiration for the city’s design came from the colorful nature of St. John’s and Newfoundland and Labrador.

“When you look at the tourist photos, it’s beautiful mountains and hills and beautiful colorful houses,” he said, “Lunenburg is also a big inspiration, a bit of Halifax… lots of small towns around Prince Edward Island. «

As to why they want to set up a game on the East Coast, Soares said one reason is that he and Nascimento, who are married, dream of moving to this area one day.

“We love the way it looks, we also love the small towns, it has so much vibe that we are building our lives now in the North East of England,” Soares said.

The game is available on Steam, XBOX and will be available on the Epic Games Store starting November 11. More information about Moonglow Bay, available at your site.

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