He went to the bathroom, found a lizard in his toilet and his reaction went viral

A group of tourists from England were on holiday in Thailand when they were shocked. They were at the hotel when suddenly, a woman named Chantima came into the bathroom and was frightened by a strange situation. The woman felt something moving in the toilet without knowing that it was lizard decided to film it. So, he called his partner to help him.


He bought bananas and was horrified to find a “lizard” egg among them

A 20 year old girl goes to the supermarket and buys bananas like any other day, but she never imagined that she would find animal eggs.

In the video you can see how a large reptile slowly pokes its head out of the toilet. Moreover, it was observed how he also stuck out his tongue and looked to the side. Towards the end of the clip, you can see how the reptile goes through the same place where it entered. “My boyfriend called me and said that something dirty moving in the toilet. I thought ‘that’s weird’ and I never thought it would be lizard. I was shocked when I saw what it was. There are a lot of them living in our garden, but this is the first time I’ve seen them in our bathroom,” Jason said.

The animal belongs to the monitor species, a poisonous species that carries bacteria that are harmful to health and can cause great harm. Jason assured them that they had seen some reptiles in the hotel garden. “There are people outside spraying insecticide. I think he lizard the monitor tried to escape, so he hid inside us WC. He finally got out of our house and didn’t hurt anyone,” the man said.


Video: battle to the death between the “spitting” cobra and the lizard

A tourist captured the exact moment a cobra and a “spitting” lizard fought to the death in the middle of an African jungle.

After that episode, the reptile disappeared and was never seen again anywhere. Surprised tourists by his appearance through the toilet interpreted that he could have returned through the sewers and found a place nearby, escaping the poison. After the uncomfortable and frightening experience, the two are convinced that it was just a fear and that it will remain in their memory as an anecdote.

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