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There is a lot of mess with luggage nowadays. German travelers are now advised to throw away black suitcases and instead use colorful ones, write Security. The background to the suggestion was to make colorful suitcases stand out more in the crowd, and thus be easier to find.

– Many people travel with black suitcases on wheels, which makes it very time-consuming to identify baggage, said spokesman Thomas Kirner for Frankfurt Airport, according to The Guardian.

Get back double

Like other airports, Frankfurt Airport is reducing its staff during the coronavirus pandemic. Downsizing has led to challenges in coping with summer traffic. When The Guardian posted the article, Kirner believed that there were about 2,000 cases where baggage did not reach its owner.

IS LOST: Many baggages are lost or arrive late after the flight. Therefore, it’s best to do this before you send your luggage! Video: Storyblock / Embla Hjort-Larsen.

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Traveling with handbag

Earlier this summer, Tryg forsikring went out and asked people to travel with handbags. Communications manager Ole Irgens says the company has never had so many questions about delayed or lost baggage.

Summer holidays are characterized by a lot of chaos. If it’s not possible to travel with just a handbag, you’ll need to distribute the items across multiple suitcases and pack the most important items in your handbag.

– The most important things you put in your handbag are the medicines you rely on, and valuables like jewelry and iPads, advised injury prevention specialist Therese Hofstad-Nielsen at Fremtind forsikring earlier this summer.

Brilliant travel tricks

Brilliant travel tricks

Luggage tip

DinSide has previously shared some baggage tips when you travel.

One tip is to put a red tape or similar around the handle. This is especially true if you have luggage that is easily interchangeable (example: a regular black suitcase). With a red ribbon, the suitcase will be easier to identify.

Another tip is to take pictures of the luggage before checking in, and also take pictures of the airport baggage tags (barcodes). This will help you if you need to claim your lost baggage at the airport.

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