Mjelde disagrees with experts: Will protect Sjögren

BRIGHTON (VG) The experts are clear in their speech. Martin Sjögren’s days as manager of the Norwegian national team must be counted. The players don’t necessarily agree.

DEFENDING THE MANAGER: National team captain Maren Mjelde (right) doesn’t think Martin Sjögren’s position should be a discussion now.

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The criticism came from the manager of the Norwegian national team after the 0-1 to Austria in the Norway match must win. Many have been very critical of the way he runs a gallery of Norwegian stars.

Football expert Lars Tjærnås believes that Sjögren should not lead Norway any further.

– It always hurts to say that about a coach. But yes. It’s about one thing, and that is too big a gap between the prerequisites he has and the results he delivers, he told VG when asked if he thought Sjögren should resign.

The Swede was asked at his post-Austria press conference if he would consider stepping down.

– It’s now half an hour after the game is over, so I don’t have a good answer for that right now. I’m not one to give up. But I understand that there are discussions about my position, of course, said Sjögren.

IN HARD WEATHER: Some experts believe that Martin Sjögren’s time as coach of the Norwegian national team must come to an end.

National team captain Maren Mjelde wants to protect the boss.

– We stand on this together. We are a group that has worked together for a long time. Speaking of things like that… We won and lost together. We came out of the European Championship together. Now it’s important to take care of each other, because that’s what matters,” Mjelde told the united press corps after losing to Austria.

When asked directly by the entire press corps whether he thought this should be a discussion, he replied:

– No, I think everyone needs to get some peace now. We know we haven’t performed the way we thought we should and we wanted to. Everyone will take self-criticism. We on the pitch can do a better job. We can do a better job together to take new steps. There are many players who have bright futures. We have young and good players. It is important to accumulate and regain confidence in ourselves. That’s all that matters, says Mjelde.

Ada Hegerberg did not want to answer when asked the same question. Guro Reiten had his mind in a completely different place when VG asked if he was determined to have the Swede.

– I just got out of the European Championship. I haven’t even thought of that thought. We came here because we wanted to win medals. That’s our focus. Until half an hour ago, we really believed it, but it’s hard to say. I felt empty, Reiten told VG.

– Should Sjögren be in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers?

– It’s not up to me. I have no comment on that. If yes, then he is, and that’s great, midfielder Guro Bergsvand told VG.

DON’T BELIEVE: NRK expert Carl-Erik Torp believes Sjögren should be replaced.

Like Tjrns, some experts speak clearly.

– I feel very sorry for the Norwegian players. Never found a coach holding back more of a team’s potential than we see here. A disaster foretold. Now it also comes 1-0 to Austria. No wonder NRK expert Carl-Erik Torp wrote on Twitter after the game’s only goal.

To VG, he said that the exit of the EC must have consequences.

– I’ve meant it for a while. There has been a bit of development in this team. It’s been pretty quiet. Against good countries and now against countries at our level and a bit worse, we didn’t perform well. We weren’t good enough, Torp told VG.

Former Brann player described Sjögren as a “walking dead man”.

– You see it in him. I missed that question to himself, whether he himself thought he was the right person. He couldn’t even think he was the right person. It seems very strange. Such is the world of football. Not everyone is right. He’s certainly a good coach in other situations, but here there’s nothing more to be had, Torp believes.

The NRK expert is far from the only one to come out and hone his claws on Twitter:

At the press conference, Sjögren was asked before the match it was decided they had to win in order for him to keep his job.

– It is clear that the pressure to perform is always there. This is completely natural. I can’t go around worrying about losing my job. It’s just a matter of gathering strength for this final game, and it’s not entirely hard to believe that it’s this match that will be the one that decides whether we should continue or not. But it was a special entrance to the game because we had a big loss that we got. But I didn’t go and worry about whether I could keep the job. Then the focus is on things that are completely wrong, says Sjögren.

– There’s talk of disaster in 2017. Now we smoke on the same stage again. Have you failed as manager of the Norwegian national team?

– It depends on what you measure. But neither I nor anyone else who has participated is happy to come out in group play at two consecutive European Championships. I would be lying if I stood here and said that. “It’s not my decision whether I stay in my position or not,” said the Swede.

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