The UK’s largest family enjoys an epic holiday in matching t-shirts and a chic villa


Family trips are best, but not always easy if you have several children.

Well, think of the largest household in England, also known as the Radford family, which has 22 children.

The family living in Lancashire is currently enjoying a vacation in Florida with trips to Disney and Universal Studios.

And most of the time they’ve gone is that they’ve documented it for their legions of fans.

From trips to amusement parks to luxury villas, it could be said that Sue and Noel’s father enjoyed the past few days.

Also, to keep the fun going, the mother bought her kids a new Disney-inspired wardrobe.

Family enjoying their vacation in Florida (Image: Read more related articles Read more related articles

For their trip, Noel and Sue rent a vacation villa during their vacation in Orlando that features a swimming pool.

The ocean-themed cottage has sharks and dolphins on the walls with nine rooms scattered throughout.

To get from A to B, parents rent vehicles in Florida to transport their children.

In his vlog, Noel said: “We have a 15 seater minibus, driven by Sue.

Had lots of food and packaged lunches (Image:

“And then here we thought of renting a van so we could throw all the luggage in the back.”

In total, 15 family members made the trip, i.e. 13 children plus their parents, with some of the older Radfords living in the UK.

When it comes to travel entertainment, families have visited Disney and Universal theme parks.

The family enjoys a long day at the resort with a group photo at the Magic Kingdom before the fireworks night ends.

The Radfords also have matching shirts (Image: Read other related articles

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Sue also detailed how she kept the kids entertained throughout the day with matching t-shirts and home-cooked meals.

To save money by buying food at restaurants, mothers usually pack lunch boxes for their children.

Sue used to put in a bag of cheese popcorn and her husband would make a great barbecue too.

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