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Superman actor in the film and series ‘Netflix ‘The Witcher’, Henry Cavill, is one celebrity who has shown himself to be very ‘geek’ and in interviews or on social networks he does not hide his love. video games and video games.desk.

In the latter case, Cavill is a huge fan of Warhammer, a war game with paintable characters that also has an entire video game story; and on 18 February he fulfilled one of his dreams by visiting the company’s UK offices.

At Games Workshop the actor toured the facility, took pictures with the employees and uploaded his amazing experience at the venue and took the opportunity to tell his fans who don’t know Warhammer, to see and enter the world of board games.

What is Warhammer, Henry Cavill’s favorite board game?

Warhammer is a tabletop game with strategy and role-playing elements released in 1987 similar to Dungeons and Dragons, in which players command armies of humans, elves, and orcs with miniature figures.

Each figure has different abilities and characteristics to face each other, but the result of the damage they deal in battle is determined by the roll of the dice.

The game has a spin-off set in outer space with space soldiers and alien hordes, called Warhammer 4K, which is also very popular with the community.

What does it take to start playing Warhammer?

To enter the world of Warhammer you only need to have an army of mini figures, 10 six-sided dice, a ruler to measure the distance between the figures and a distance of about 4 by 6 feet to set the game.

The game is played between two characters who take turns placing their units to compete against each other, to earn points and fulfill objectives. The one with the most points wins in the end.

One of the other favorite things for game fans outside of the game in between, is collecting various miniatures and spending hours painting them the way you want, with which you can give each player’s squad a unique personality.

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