Queen set a new record

Queen made history in the UK by being the first to sell seven million copies of an individual album. It reports BBC.

Their first “Greatest Hits” collection from 1981 contained classic singles such as “We Will Rock You” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and has been a bestseller for years.

It recently passed its thousandth week on the UK album chart.

One million copies in front of ABBA

The band’s guitarist, Brian May (75), called the latest feat “happy news”.

– No album has done this before in history. “Thank you, we appreciate that,” he said in a statement.

– The British audience and their excellent taste have made this album the best-selling album in history, adds drummer Roger Taylor (72).

Best selling British album of all time

  1. Queen – “Biggest Hit”
  2. ABBA – «Gold»
  3. The Beatles – “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”
  4. Adele – «21»
  5. Oasis – “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”
  6. Michael Jackson – “Thriller”
  7. Pink Floyd – “The Dark Side of the Moon”
  8. Strait of Dire – “Brothers In Arms”
  9. Michael Jackson – “Bad”
  10. Queen – “Biggest Hit II”

Queen’s “Greatest Hits” topped the albums list of all time with nearly one million copies ahead of the 1992 ABBA compilation album “Gold”.

– When first released in 1981, compilations like “Biggest Hits” were relatively rare, reserved only for the greatest artists, says Martin Talbot, CEO of the official charts.

“There’s no doubt that as much success has been done as any other release to create the hit package the concept album is today in,” he told the BBC.

31. Most streamed in the world

The band’s second “Greatest Hits” album, released a month before singer Freddie Mercury died in 1991, is also the tenth biggest album in the UK, with sales of around four million.

RELEATED THE PREVIOUS MONTH: Queen’s “Greatest Hits II” was released just one month before vocalist Freddie Mercury died. Photo: MARCO ARNDT / AP

In 2014, Queen’s “Greatest Hits” became the first album to surpass six million sales in the UK. At the time, the chart only counted “pure” sales – that is, vinyl, cassettes, CDs, and downloads. The following year, streaming was included in the tally, with 1,000 listeners counted as one “sale”.

On Spotify, Queen is currently at number 31 with the most streams in the world, ahead of other major bands and artists such as The Beatles at number 44, and Michael Jackson at number 68.

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